Our Services

We provide essential gutter cleaning services to the Riverina area; our company uses the most effective and safest methods in the industry, ensuring that all residential, commercial & industrial jobs are completed to the highest possible standards and to your complete satisfaction. Please feel free to browse our Testimonials page to see the great feedback we have from our many happy clients.

Why cleaning gutters is so important?

Gutter Overflowing with Water

  • Reduces the possibility of fire damage to your property; especially in rural and bushland areas

  • Eliminates the chance of water penetration into your home and serious damage to ceilings and other internal components of your property

  • Increase the life of your gutters and down pipes. Reduces the likelihood of insects, birds and other pests nesting in your gutters and under eaves

  • Prevents damage resulting from gutters getting heavy, causing sagging, breakage and damage to property

  • Prevent financial losses from voided insurance claims; at the end of the day if damages to your property or others property’s are caused as a result of gutters not being maintained, you risk not being able to successfully claim insurance rebates

 What Services do we offer?

gutter cleaning services

  • We offer a complete gutter cleaning solution for all Residential, Commercial & Industrial Clients!

  • We come to your premises and complete a free inspection of the entire roof area, identifying any problems such as:  infestation, cobwebs, wasp nests and damage to roof and guttering, including overhanging branches

  • We let you know the exact amount you will pay for our services with no hidden fees

  • We perform our services to strict professional standards and customer satisfaction is guaranteed, all the waste material collected from your gutters & drains is removed from your property

  • During the Inspection Phase, we identify and fix any broken tiles free of charge if you have spare tiles, if not, we will use roofing glue to seal and repair any broken tile for a very small fee

  • We use a range of safety gear such as safety harnesses, cherry pickers, elevated platforms and roof safety links to access high areas or high pitched roof’s;  allowing us to provide services to residential property’s up to 3 storey’s and up to 10 storey’s for commercial & industrial properties

  • We use advanced telescopic monitoring equipment to provide you with evidence of our services, showing you before and after photos or video, ensuring your peace of mind and satisfaction

  • We clean your solar panel array, bringing them back to maximum efficiency and saving you more money on your next power bill (dirty and dusty panels decrease the capacity of your panels by up to 20 %)

 Safety comes first!

safety first

  • We pride ourselves on safety, we inspect all properties for damage, prior to any work we carry out. We offer this service free of charge, reporting to you any issues such as broken tiles, loose or broken guttering

  • Eliminate any chance of personal injury to yourself and others

  • Certification & OHS Compliance (working at heights and working on a high platform certifications)

  • We can work in any conditions with patented gutter cleaning systems, cleaning from the ground in most instances, reducing our OHS footprint

  • We use safety links and harnesses when we work on a roof, ensuring our staff and your property is safe and secure

Areas of service

BGC - Border Gutter Cleaners offers services to the Riverina's townships and suburbs within a 50 km radius of Albury / Wodonga. Please refer to the table below as a reference. If your town is close to any of these areas, its likely we can come to you, Contact us for more information about serviceable areas.